Nobody Talks About This Ridiculously Easy Way To Launch A Website (And For $0 Too!)

For those who aren’t techies at heart, the latter becomes a stumbling block on the way to creating a website for business or pleasure.

But don’t give up too early. There’s a tried and tested method we’d like to share with you. Here comes the drum roll…

This is a WIX website builder that allows you to make a website without coding skills, much technology experience, and totally for free. Sounds too good to be true? Wait, we’ve got a few good reasons why you should build your first website with WIX.

What is a WIX website builder?

Remember when you played with LEGOs as a child? Today, adults can play construction, only online. WIX works the same as LEGOs, but for websites. It provides a user-friendly, neat interface to create a website of any difficulty.

Feeling creative? Make a website from scratch. Or, choose among ready-made templates to create a website for practically any purpose.

Now let’s see why you should make your website with WIX:

#1 It’s completely free

In 2020, an average bill for website development is around $7000. With WIX, this sum can drop to $0… How?

Because WIX already has a pool of ready-made website templates and designs that need no development or maintenance.

A free version is great for those who are completely satisfied with:

  • Basic website functionality without unique features, integrations, and plugins
  • Ready-made designs which look beautiful and professional
  • A simple website that needs zero maintenance and avoids nitty-gritty tech details

If you simply want to test your business idea, represent your business online, or for personal needs, a basic free version of WIX is good to go.

However, if you need extra features, extra analytics, or additional file storage, you might want to pay for a premium version.

#2 It’s ridiculously easy

“Look mom I can build a website!”

Literally, anyone can build a website with WIX. This tool is used by a versatile audience within different sectors: from restaurant and yoga clubs to e-commerce and beauty & wellness businesses.

This is how it works: you open a website builder and simply start adding blocks that’ll appear in the final version.

Add your content and copy, apply a ready-made stylish design template, come up with a unique name for your website domain and you’re ready to go.

What takes weeks and months for website developers, takes a few days if not hours to create with WIX.

#3 It’s extremely creative

Out of the box, WIX offers 18 categories with theme design templates for a particular industry like Business, E-commerce, Photo, Video, and so on.

You don’t need a sense of style or creative skills to make a recognizable, stylish, and functional website. Just choose among vetted and creative designs made by professionals for you and add your content, logo, and copy to start selling your services or products!

Ready to sell with WIX?

Don’t miss your chance to create a website that attracts customers, requires little maintenance, and fulfills your business needs. Make a website with WIX today, thank us for this useful find later!